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I have purchased many baby items from Whatta Cute Baby to give as gifts to friends and family. When the gifts are opened, everyone raves about how "cute" the items are. This website definitely makes my shopping easy when I need a gift for special little ones.
P. Bolick {Sylva, NC}

I LOVE shopping from Whatta Cute Baby! With so many cute patterns and colors and options, I want to buy one of each! Instead, I show SOME restraint by trying to keep a "boy" set and a "girl" set on hand at all times. (You never know when you might need a gift!) I love being able to give handmade gifts to those precious new little ones and their proud parents! I will definitely shop here again!
L. Gilbert {Whittier, NC}

I absolutely love giving Whatta Cute Baby! gifts any time I hear of a new miracle entering the world. Those blessed to receive the handmade items fall in love with the designs, craftsmanship, and overwhelming cuteness of it all. :) But one of my favorite things is seeing my own three little girls wearing these special items. Every time they do, compliments abound. I highly recommend this sweet baby line!
K. Martins {Columbia, TN}

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